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11 January 2006 @ 06:00 pm
Title: Wake Me Up When We Meet
Author: Banglai
Rating: PG
Pairing: Trory
Genre: General
Spoilers: My Story takes place after the Season 5 finale "A House Is Not a Home"
Disclaimer: Despite my dreams I do not own Gilmore Girls, the belong to Amy Sherman-Palladino and WB.
Summary: Rory's life is completely upside down, not even Logan can comfort her. Rory needs help but her mysterious dreams are causing her confusion. And what about the mysterious man that keeps lurking about.

Previous Chapters:
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3

Chapter 4: Whirlwinds

As Rory looked in the mirror, she smiled. She had the best sleep than she had in the past couple of weeks. Although with daybreak the warmth she had experienced from last night slowly slipped away, but some remained. Rory slowly put one of her Grandmother’s antique combs in her hair. She fastened a loose bun with loose tendrils. Rory gazed at the complete product in the mirror, she herself could even say she looked somewhat pretty.

Rory had loved the dress she chose to wear; only a week before Yale let out Rory and her mom, Lorelai picked out the dress for her Grandparents function. Rory was somewhat afraid of tonight because it was a Yale alumni party in honoring of the year’s finish. Since Rory was staying with her Grandparents it was only fitting that she attended the party. Again Rory gazed at her dress, a reddish, almost maroon dress with a fitted bodice and a flared skirt. The dress complimented Rory’s curves and milky colored skin.

Rory was stirred out of her reverie when she heard a slight rap at her bedroom door.

“Rory the guests will be arriving soon. Your Grandfather and I want you to be with us when we greet them. Okay darling?”

“Yes Grandma, I will be down in a second. I will finish getting ready really quick. I am not quite done yet.” Rory grimaced when she realized she said quite; she remembered the last time when she came home from golfing with her grandfather that she said quite, her mom ragged and teased her about it for days. Rory finished putting on the tiny bit of make-up that she needed and headed for the stairs.

After two hours guests were still streaming in the Gilmore Estate and Rory’s Grandparents dismissed Rory from the welcoming committee telling her to go mingle with the guests. So Rory walked to a seat in the corner and observed the people there. Every person there was dressed in black, white, grey, brown or navy. All the colors seemed dull, emotionless and cold. Where was the life? Where was the color? Rory felt like an outsider in her bold wine hue. She was the only one living. She felt herself getting colder as more people came in. Every single handshake was cold. Every pair of eyes was cold. All words were spoken out of distance and courtesy. With every passing minute she watched the whirlwinds of sad, cold people dancing in the ballroom she became colder.

All of a sudden she felt a heat searing through her body. Why? Immediately she felt someone’s gaze upon her. She looked around but all she saw were swirls of grey dancing around her. One such heat cannot come from someone in grey.

Across the room a man in a vibrant blue suit was staring intently at Rory. Boy was her appearance breathtaking. No angel could live up to her natural beauty. He could see her struggling with the freezing personalities, wrapped up in their own worlds, surrounding her. But as his gaze intensified he saw her relax, but she was looking for something or someone. Who was she looking for? Did she feel his stare?

Just as Rory was about to find the direction of the gaze, Logan came over. Logan saddled up to Rory’s side and put his arm around her waist carelessly and kissed her cheek. Rory both glared and stared at him with shock before she nudged him away.

“Logan what are you doing here? I told you to leave me alone.”

“Rory what was I supposed to do? Your Grandparents invited me and then yesterday they doubled check to see if I was coming. I couldn’t say no that would be rude. I mean I am your boyfriend and I attend Yale, it’s only fitting that I came to the party. I thought you wanted to see me, when Emily told me that you were in the ballroom.”

“Logan you could have politely declined or avoided me here at the party. You disrespected my wishes. Please leave me alone.”

Logan noticed Rory’s eyes glancing around the room, looking. Logan was not ready to give up on Rory. Logan really wanted to help, so he whispered in her ears what he thought she wanted to hear and what he believed.

“I think you made the right decision to take a break from Yale. I think it’s great you want to reevaluate your life. My family and I support all your decisions.”

Rory snapped. This wasn’t the reaction Logan thought he would receive, he didn’t know what to say, but he knew he couldn’t surrender yet. He had to try just a little harder. Rory started walking away still looking.

“Rory please dance with me,” Logan pleaded desperately.

“No leave me alone Logan.” All of sudden Logan noticed a pair of blue eyes staring, no, taking in Rory Gilmore. This was Logan’s cue to walk away, but he promised himself once he had his little “chat” that he would come back to Rory.

Logan sauntered to his destination and walked right in front of the man’s face, preventing his view of Rory.

“What are you doing here? Nobody wants you here or your company.”

The man smirked “well to the contrary Logan, it seems that the Gilmores requested my presence here.”

“You’re not a Yale alumnus nor do you attend Yale, so I think you should leave.”

The man said mockingly as he put his hand over his heart “Logan have you forgotten my father was a Yale alumnus. You of all people should know that my father attended Yale; you know since our fathers were such good friends before they started feuding. So I am here to fill his position and pay respects to Gilmores since my father is unable to attend being bed-ridden and all.”

“You don’t give crap about your father. You always said he was the worst role model ever and that you never wanted to be him isn’t that why you never came back.”

“Unlike you, I understand that blood is thicker than water. I respect that he is my father and I will never have another father. Sometimes you have to honor and respect your family whether you get along or not. You wouldn’t understand because the Huntzbergers never been an honest lot.”

“Fine, you’re here and you paid your respects now you can leave. You have no reason to stay.”

The man’s eyes wandered over to Rory where he watched her fondly. “Oh but I believe I want to stay you know it is fun party and all.”

Logan saw where his gaze was directed and looked over at Rory, where Rory looked up and saw Logan. Logan smiled, but Rory did not.

When Rory saw Logan smile she realized she had to get away. Logan’s smile just made her feel colder. Rory’s fear of becoming cold again increased when she felt the gaze that had been keeping her warm was being blocked. Rory started to gasp for air, but the room was to cold for her to breathe. She kept getting crushed by couples in grey, black, white, brown, and navy, no to her they were whirlwinds of empty emotions. Rory felt like she was suffocating. She had to get out. She couldn’t stay here. She couldn’t stay in this house at all. She had to get out, but she couldn’t take her car because Logan might find her. The last thing she wanted was Logan to find her car parked or driving, Rory knew he would follow. Rory turned around to leave at the same time Logan turned around to face the man again.

“Rory’s mine, stay away!” Logan yelled a little flustered.

The man’s smirk slowly faded as he replied “Right so you and your family can break her heart, spirit and dreams so she can be what you guys want. She is nothing but a possession with a good name to your family. You brought her back to the place that her mother so desperately tried to shield her from.”

“You know nothing about Rory!” Logan said furiously.

The man continued with a grave expression, “And you do?”

Logan nodded vigorously “Of course I do, she is my girlfriend.”

“Then where is she?” Logan took that as indication to turn around only to discover Rory was gone. When he turned around the man was gone, Logan was left with the swishing colorless whirlwinds.

R&R Please
Majmaj_clementine on January 12th, 2006 02:08 pm (UTC)
so good....