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11 January 2006 @ 06:11 pm
Title: Wake Me Up When We Meet
Author: Banglai
Rating: PG
Pairing: Trory
Genre: General
Spoilers: My Story takes place after the Season 5 finale "A House Is Not a Home"
Disclaimer: Despite my dreams I do not own Gilmore Girls, the belong to Amy Sherman-Palladino and WB.
Summary: Rory's life is completely upside down, not even Logan can comfort her. Rory needs help but her mysterious dreams are causing her confusion. And what about the mysterious man that keeps lurking about.

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Chapter 6: Smell the Roses

On the bus ride home, Rory’s mind tried to recall Tristin Dugray as she remembered him last, but the deep husky voice didn’t fit the image of a teenage playboy. The voice was haggard with age, pain and possibly love. She vowed to herself the next time she was at Chilton, she would look. Rory knew there would be a next time—she could feel it in her bones. She wanted to ask him everything—what was North Carolina like? Why didn’t he ever return to Hartford? She wanted to know why his name was only whispered nowadays? She wanted to tell Tristin that she missed him. Yes Rory missed Tristin; she knew deep down that Tristin and her were friends in their own unique way. Rory knew that nobody outside his family, except her knew about North Carolina.

Maybe that’s why Rory wasn’t afraid to have another encounter with him again. She wanted to confide in him, like he did with her. She always respected the fact that he shared the truth with her—and it made her miss him even more.

Rory stepped off the bus and slipped quietly past her grandparent’s estate into the pool house. To Rory’s surprise, once she got into her room she wasn’t alone. There on her bed waiting for her was Logan. Rory could tell he looked very distressed and she wanted to soothe his worries, but she couldn’t. It dawned on Rory that she didn’t want to be around Logan anymore. She changed him, and he changed her. Rory wasn’t happy with her changes. She found herself wishing she never became involved with Logan, then she could at least be ignorant and happy doing the one thing she loved—writing.

She kept wondering why did she fall for Logan? Why did she give him a chance? And then it hit her like falling bricks. Logan was a wilder and college version of Tristin. Did Rory regret never giving Tristin another chance? Did she regret saying “I hate him” to Dean? Yes. Rory had always wondered what would happen if she and Tristin remained friends. Would Tristin have still been sent away? She guessed no. Would Paris still have forgiven her? Rory thought eventually. When Rory accepted Logan, a part of her heart thought she was giving Tristin a second chance. Her heart thought Logan could make up for what happened with Tristin. Her heart was wrong, Logan is not Tristin.

Rory’s heart weakened as she stared at Logan. Looking him straight in the eyes—brown eyes not blue. Rory knew she had to tell Logan, she couldn’t just let him trail after her. She had to let him know they couldn’t be together. She had to tell him. Before Rory said anything she let their eyes remain locked as she advanced forward.

Rory stopped about a foot away from Logan and her bed. Logan stared at Rory quizzically. Logan was afraid of losing Rory, yet he knew that he was going to, but he knew he wouldn’t lose her without a fight. Logan wanted Rory. He needed her. Logan could feel all of his emotions welling up inside—mostly fear. He desperately wished Rory would come closer. He felt the need to pull her into his arms and wrap his arms around her so tight that she couldn’t disappear.

Tenderly, Rory whispered, “Logan.” Rory wished she could offer him her hand for comfort, but she knew that would be dangerous. Unfortunately for Rory, Logan misunderstood her voice and thought he had hope. So Logan swiftly pulled Rory forward and caressed her cheek before he dipped his head forward for sweet kiss.

Rory was shattered to reality when she tasted something bitter—tears—on her lips. Neither of them knew whose tears they felt, and neither of them cared. It was then Logan looked into Rory’s eyes and knew that it was over. It ended with a bittersweet kiss. They both felt the ending, no words were needed, but words were said.

“I am so sorry Logan, I am sorry.” Rory tried to comfort Logan with more words, but with each word Logan became more pained. “Logan I want you to know you mean a lot to me, and our relationship meant a lot. I don’t regret anything about our friendship or relationship, but this—this not me. I wouldn’t change the times we spent together for anything in the world. I mean you taught me so many things that I never thought I had inside of me. I don’t think I would have ever jumped many stories high with just an umbrella if it weren’t for you. You made me courageous, you made me live my life, but I also became a person I didn’t want to be.”

Rory took a moment to catch her breath before she continued. But before she could start again Logan shushed softly. Rory looked at Logan hoping to see any emotions in his face, but nothing gave anything away. His eyes didn’t give away any emotions—his brown eyes gave nothing away.

“Rory if I couldn’t let you go when you tried to end our relationship the first time, I won’t—I can’t give you up this time. I never thought in a million years I would have a steady girlfriend, but I changed myself for you. I wanted—I want you. Nothing can stop me from wanting you. I may leave now, but I won’t let go; I will keep trying to fight for you Ace,” Logan cried hoarsely as he masked his pain.

How can someone so passionate and desperate show no emotions whatsoever? Rory wanted to know, she knew Logan cared. She also knew Logan’s pride would never let anyone see what he was feeling.

“I know Logan. I know, but you have to let go,” Rory pleaded gently.

As Logan got up and advanced toward the door, he said “I won’t give up and I won’t let go. Tonight when you disappeared I looked everywhere and I looked outside and I saw your car. I didn’t know where you went or where you would go. I thought to myself I guess I don’t know you.” Logan softly chuckled as he continued, “I guess Dugray was right, I really don’t know you. But I plan to make it my goal to figure you out. I promise Ace there’s nothing I won’t do to show you how I feel.”

With that he left the room and closed the door. Rory let her tears trickle down her face one by one. She knew she hurt Logan deeply and she knew he wasn’t going to give up, but she wished he would let go. Rory was afraid Logan’s persistence was only going to increase the sorrow between them. Rory let her emotions wash over her, she cried for everything—Logan, her mom, her friends, Yale, Stars Hollow, and her dreams. She even cried for her past loves—Dean and Jess. Rory’s life wasn’t going the way she and her mom planned it.

Rory thought about her relationship with Logan, nobody liked him. Her mom, Paris and even Marty all warned her about Logan, but she couldn’t help it. She got caught up in his lazy smirk and oozing confidence. She thought Logan was the way to reconcile with the past, but instead it changed her future not her past. Rory should have known better—she should have known. The past cannot change, it never has and it never will. Rory continue to cry herself to sleep.

As Rory drifted off into a peaceful slumber Rory’s mind registered part of Logan’s final words that she didn’t pay attention to earlier: Dugray was right. Rory’s mind screamed how did Logan know Tristin? And since how long? Rory wanted the answers, but her body was fighting to pull her to sleep. Finally Rory surrendered herself into a deep sleep.

The mist once again surrounded her, but this time when she looked down she noticed a deep amber path. So she followed the path until it came to a dead end. When she looked up the fog started to disperse and the sun started to shine. She got a perfect view of where she was. It was Chilton.

“Why am I here?” she asked with amazement. She didn’t expect an answer, but she got one. She became warmer as his soothing voice drifted toward her ears.

“Sometimes the past holds the answers you need for the future.”

With his words she spun around to see him, but he had disappeared. She felt disappointment, but as she started to walk away she heard muffled voices from a heated argument. She found herself being dragged into Chilton by her curiosity. She found herself outside the Franklin classroom. She peaked inside and to her surprise she saw her 16-year-oldself arguing with a 16 year-old Paris.

What furthered her confusion is the argument between the two was one that she never had. She only understood and caught the tail of the argument, which was Paris screaming, “Wake up and smell the roses Rory!”

With Paris’ words Rory bolted awake. As the sun filtered in her room Rory decided what she needed to do. Rory needed to talk to Paris—Paris was one of her best friends and she could help Rory through the next step. Paris was Rory’s appetizer before she had her meal—her Mom and her dessert—her life and dreams.

Rory picked up the phone off its cradle and dialed Paris’ number. As the phone rang Rory started to wonder what if Paris is not around what will I do? Rory felt a hot stream of tears start pouring down her face as the phone continued to ring. All of a sudden there was an answer.

“Whoever this is—this better be important. It’s only ten in the morning,” Paris barked into the phone.

“Paris,” Rory try to say as she became wracked with sobs. As Rory gasped for air she softly cried, “can you come over I need to talk and I need help.”

Paris’ heart softened at Rory’s weeping voice. Paris sometimes was afraid to admit it, but she considered Rory her best friend. Paris couldn’t stand to see or hear Rory in pain so she quickly asked, “Where are you?”

R&R Please--all constructive critcism welcomed.
Majmaj_clementine on January 12th, 2006 02:15 pm (UTC)
this is so good that I can't wait to read more!!
Is so well written, it´s like a sweet torture...
Banglai: Freedombanglai on January 12th, 2006 11:55 pm (UTC)
Lol...thanks so much for the feedback; I'm really glad that you enjoy the story.
(Anonymous) on March 26th, 2006 10:39 pm (UTC)
ooohh...i love it...im so sad you wont update in ff.net because then i wont know when you update but....anyway...

great job!