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11 January 2006 @ 06:07 pm
Title: Wake Me Up When We Meet
Author: Banglai
Rating: PG
Pairing: Trory
Genre: General
Spoilers: My Story takes place after the Season 5 finale "A House Is Not a Home"
Disclaimer: Despite my dreams I do not own Gilmore Girls, the belong to Amy Sherman-Palladino and WB.
Summary: Rory's life is completely upside down, not even Logan can comfort her. Rory needs help but her mysterious dreams are causing her confusion. And what about the mysterious man that keeps lurking about.

Previous Chapters:
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Chapter 4

Chapter 5: Sweet Dreams

Rory stood outside her grandparents’ estate staring at the street. Her car was not an option. If she walks she can’t get very far, Logan was smart he would notice she was gone after awhile. What could she do? Where could she go? Rory saw a bus headed for the bus stop down the corner. So Rory ran to the bus, the same bus she took to Chilton during high school. Rory knew where she was going, she was going to Chilton. Yes, Chilton, she felt tremendously better after she went to Chilton last night.

Rory boarded the bus and headed to the back. She stared out the window as the trees pass by, soon becoming a blur. She pondered while she was sitting. Why was she being so distant with Logan? Logan was a good boyfriend he cares and lately has been concerned. She remembered the worried look he had on his face when he thought he was going to lose her. She wished she could help him feel better, she knew nobody should be dismissed the way she ignored Logan. She knew he wants to secure his future with Rory and she was sorry she couldn’t reassure him. Her heart wouldn’t let her make promises that she couldn’t guarantee. He still had a chance.

Once the man got away from Logan, he got into his car. Where would Rory go? He wasn’t exactly sure since as Logan put it “You know nothing about Rory!” Then an idea came to him like lightning from the sky. Where was she last night? At Chilton, so that is where he decided to go. As he pulled up to the front of Chilton he saw Rory emerge from the bus stop.

The bus ride has been soothing, Rory had become somewhat relaxed. Once Rory stepped off the step she heard a car nearby. Rory started to panic, could Logan really find her that fast. Her heart became a pulsating mustang racing down a track. Rory glanced up and she noticed it was a red Porsche, not a black Hummer. Logan lost Rory, when she sighed with relief. Rory walked passed the car to the courtyard. After a couple of minutes she heard soft footsteps follow.

He sat down the same way he did the night before and again Rory refused to look at him. They sat in the silence comfortably before a husky voice broke it.

“Couldn’t stand the party?”

“I felt like I was suffocating. You were the person staring at me the whole night, right?” she asked quietly.

“Yes,” he replied faintly to match her tone. “Why are you here? Rory what’s got you so messed up?” When she didn’t reply he continued “Wait I know what, it’s Hartford. There is no place like Hartford; this is the only place that knows how to ruin a person or break a spirit. Why did you come back here? You know so many people who tried to escape?”

After a couple minutes Rory took a deep breath, and let tears slide as she told the man beside her everything that happened.

“I went to Yale hoping to major in journalism. After the second year I met Logan, I thought he was rude and conceited. I wanted to stay away from him, but soon I found myself falling for him. We dated and I wanted to continue, but he didn’t want a relationship. I compromised myself and my beliefs by agreeing to casual dating. After awhile I became unsatisfied so I told him to break it off, but he thought it was an ultimatum. When he agreed to being my boyfriend I should have known something was wrong, but I was happy. I was happy he wanted to be with me and only me, I mean he could have any girl he chooses but he chose me. I was happy until I had dinner with his family, I wasn’t good enough, and I wasn’t what they wanted for their son. They wanted a trophy wife. It hurt I felt awful, but then his dad offered an internship and he wouldn’t take no for an answer so I agreed. I thought I was doing well at the newspaper office, but Mitchum Huntzberger told me otherwise; he knew what he was talking about… I mean he has been in the newspaper business for years, he has that gut feeling. I was crushed, I had always wanted to be a journalist my whole life. I don’t know what happened next except for the fact I stole a boat and abandoned my mother. I am sorry for rambling and complaining, but I don’t know who I am anymore. I don’t know anything, everything is unclear now.”

The man sat in shock reeling in everything she has just said. He never expected for her to pour her heart out. Rory didn’t think of anything about her outburst—she was the drunk and the man was the bartender.

“Rory all I can say is sorry, but as Nick Carraway says ‘They’re a rotten crowd… You’re worth the whole damn bunch put together.'” He believed what he said and felt compelled to continue. “They don’t care a thing about individually or what makes a person unique. It’s all about money and fame to them. You can’t allow yourself fall victim to their cruel and cold behavior. You have to understand that the Huntzbergers and the rest don’t care who they change. If the change is better for them, then power to them. They’re all self-centered they don’t think outside of themselves. They’re colorless and bland people, but you, you are full of life. I’ve seen your passion for books, coffee and people. You’re not them; you don’t fit in with their crowd because you are better than them.”

Rory felt a small smile tug on her lips. “Thanks for your words, but I can’t do anything yet. I have no place to go and my life hasn’t cleared up yet.”

“Rory if you continue to stay here, you will just keep getting colder until you become one of them. I can’t let that happen.”

“It’s temporary it’s what I have to do.”

The man nodded, he understood the feeling of doing something because it was an only option. He felt his heart leap with desire, compassion and hope. He felt it was his destiny to make sure Rory remained full of life. Rory was the one who brought joy, life and color to Chilton; she changed so many lives, so maybe it was his turn to guide her.

Rory leaned into him for the second night without looking at him. She felt his arms go around her waist, protecting her from the cold.

Rory asked “Do you mind if I lean on you again and we sit in silence?”

His simple reply was “As you wish.”

She knew she should look at him, but she couldn’t. She knew if she looked at him, then she would have to think about the future and she wanted to stay in the past. The future was too uncertain for her. For someone who has been so strong her whole life, she was feeling weak, but in his arms she felt the support she needed. Ever so softly Rory cried as he gently patted her head. His stroke was full of emotions—love and distress. They sat together for long time, with Rory in the comfort of his arms.

After awhile the man felt the need to ask her one small request. “Rory, will you please look at me.”

“I am not ready. I can’t explain but I can’t look at you. Some part of me wants you to remain a mystery—without an identity. I can’t explain. I think I should go and maybe you should also.”

“Are you sure Rory? Are you okay” He saw her nod while she faced the wall. He knew he had to let her be. “I guess I will be seeing you around later,” he said as he started to walk away.

But nothing could stop him from hearing her soft and tender words. “I hope it’s soon.”

He felt his heart soar and he realized, how much she wanted to know who he was, but she need a little push. So he replied with the only fitting words he could think of. “Sweet dreams. Sweet dreams Mary.”

With that he walked away to his Porsche and disappeared into the distance. He left Rory smiling because she knew he understood her.

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