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11 January 2006 @ 05:55 pm
Title: Wake Me Up When We Meet
Author: Banglai
Rating: PG
Pairing: Trory
Genre: General
Spoilers: My Story takes place after the Season 5 finale "A House Is Not a Home"
Disclaimer: Despite my dreams I do not own Gilmore Girls, the belong to Amy Sherman-Palladino and WB.
Summary: Rory's life is completely upside down, not even Logan can comfort her. Rory needs help but her mysterious dreams are causing her confusion. And what about the mysterious man that keeps lurking about.

Previous Chapters:
Chapter 1
Chapter 2

Chapter 3: Awakening the Past

The clock glared 2:37 am, yet Rory couldn’t sleep; she was restless. No matter what she did she could not bring the back the deep sleep from earlier in the evening. Rory was not in her bed. No, instead Rory was driving around the windy roads of Hartford. She was driving to wherever the roads took her, but somehow she never left the city limits of Hartford. It was like she was trapped in a cage with no way out, a cold cage nevertheless. She made a deal to stop her car once she felt a tiny bit of warmth. She was seeking for some warmth. All she felt was cold. It was cold. Not warm but cold. Only icy cold air.

All of a sudden she felt the heat rise and her heart jump for a flash of a second; so she stopped the car. She looked up, taking in the surroundings around her. Of all places, she landed at the place she least expected to find warmth. Of all places, this was the one she was happy to leave. Of all places, Rory was at Chilton.

Chilton. Why Chilton? There was nothing but hate, greed, torture, aggression, competition and jerks, especially jerks. There was no love, maybe occasional lust, but no love. Nobody was friends, except for the sake of friends. But Rory changed that, Rory changed the lives of many of her classmates. Of course she was oblivious to the change she created or the hopes she aspired. Why Chilton?

Rory walked over to the bench in the courtyard and pulled her jacket tighter around her. She felt a little fuse of warmth, which was a start. She just sat there and waited. What she waited for she did not know. All she did was wait.

He drove his car down the street of Chilton quietly, afraid of disturbing the spirits and memories. As he pulled his Porsche into the driveway he noticed another car, a silver car. He looked around with his eyes but saw nobody around. So he started walking softly around Chilton. Then he found her in the courtyard with her back turned, gazing at the stone walls of Chilton. He silently approached her.

Rory shivered from time to time, but after an hour she started feel warmth. Gradually the cold skin of Rory’s arms became warmer and warmer. Within a split second Rory felt her head lull forward and her eyes start to blink. She was ready to welcome the sleep that was about to bestow upon her, when she heard a deep husky voice.

“Can’t sleep?” he asked. He swiftly slid onto the bench beside her, yet she did not turn.

“Mmm... I am feeling drowsy now” she replied. “I haven’t slept well in a long time. I am always too cold to sleep.” Even after replying she still did not turn around, but instead closed her eyes.

After awhile the man recognized her as Rory. Rory Gilmore. Why would Rory be at Chilton? Why can’t she sleep? He watched her as she closed her eyes and smile a little contently.

“Do you feel a little bit warm now? Because you look like you could fall asleep for one hundred years.”

“Oh I am not that warm.” She said as she subconsciously scooted closer and started leaning on the man.” Without second thoughts she asked, “Do you mind if I rest my head on your shoulder for awhile?”

He became a little worried about Rory but consented anyway. “No, I don’t mind, if it helps you.” He gently put his arms around Rory giving her time to object.

She snuggled in closer and replied. “Mmm... Thanks.” She felt heat slowly spread throughout her body, letting the numbness disappear. Slightly dazed Rory asked, “What are you doing here at Chilton? Could you not sleep?”

“Yes, partly” he stopped and then decided to finish. “Well I came here tonight because my father had a heart attack, it was my duty to come. I tried to sleep but I felt restless and I drove here because every time I need to think I come here. Here to Chilton. I sit and think about all the what-ifs… and regrets. I think about what changed me, what inspired me and what ruined me. Sometimes I need to take a break from the present and thoughts of the future, so I go to the past. The thing about the past is it is always definite it doesn’t change. Once something happens it becomes a permanent mark in history.”

Rory became enchanted by his words like a baby becomes enchanted by a lullaby. Those words somehow struck a chord in her heart. Her mess became a little bit clearer. She felt safe in the company of the stranger that she refused to look at. She felt compelled to share with him, why she was at Chilton.

“I drove and my mind or my heart, I don’t know what but something told me to stop here, so I did. Right now I am afraid to face the future. How did life become so complicated; when I was here at Chilton everything in my future seemed crystal-clear, but now it’s hazy and muddy.”

All of a sudden Rory felt better like a great weight was lifted off her shoulders. She gently lifted her head and gradually stretched and rotated her arms.

He gazed at her hoping to meet her eyes, but she still refused to look up. He could tell she felt more relaxed and looked better. Rory could feel his eyes upon her, trying to challenge her to look up, but she wasn’t ready.

“I hope you feel better. I know I feel better after talking to you I think I should go home now. Maybe I will see you sometime soon.” He said softly as he swiftly walked away.

When Rory finally looked up he was gone and she could only see a retreating figure getting into a red Porsche. He felt familiar and safe, and now she wished she had looked at him. She wished she had seen his face, unlike her dream nothing was stopping her from seeing except herself. After looking at her watch she got up and drove back to her grandparents’ estate.

When she crawled in her sheets she could still feel the warmth of his arms around her; she could still feel her mystery man. She sat there wondering if it was a dream, but she knew it wasn’t. It is funny how the man emotionally resembled the man in her dream. Both remained without identities. The warmth lulled her into a deep slumber where her dreams returned.

“As long as we keep looking for each other we will remain warm. You will know. You will feel my presence. You will feel it in my touch. You will hear it in my voice. Your heart will sing when it finds my heart. You will know because I will be here waiting. As long as we keep looking for each other we will remain warm.”

His words repeated in her mind continuously, never missing a beat. Rory did what he said she kept looking for him. Each step kept her warm, each moment she knew she was getting closer. She could feel him. She could feel her anxious heart beat faster with every second. Rory let her mind repeat over and over again his words—“I will be here waiting.”

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